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 Rules Of Rebellion

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PostSubject: Rules Of Rebellion   Fri May 29, 2009 5:19 pm

Rules Of Rebellion Private Server

1) Offensive language will not be tolerated. This does not always mean swearing, offensive language is any language that has the oppurtunity to be considered offensive by another person.

2) Scamming of any kind is unacceptable. At the moment there are no set prices on items, but it's common sense with most things. You know when you are ripping somebody off, so don't do it. This also includes password scamming. This is a much more serious offence and is seriously frowned upon.

3) Use of Macros or bots of any kind is prohibited. They provide an unfair advantage to the player using it. This server is meant to be a place where people can come to have a good gaming experience. You hurt that goal by infringing on this rule. For all of those who might not know, this includes: auto woodcutters, auto fighters, auto talkers, etc.

4) Bug abuse is forbidden. If you find a bug or a glitch, report it immediately by messaging a staff member online, or post a report on the forums.

5) Staff impersonation will not be tolerated on any level.

6) Duplication of items is prohibited to all players.

7) Personally I don't mind if a player feels the need to advertise something, but please do this on the forums and not in-game. This will be condisdered spamming, which is frowned upon.

Do not ask for staff positions. You will be notified VIA private message on the website if you have been chosen to become a moderator.

9) No items will be spawned or given out by staff members. This includes spawning an item and selling it. If a staff member is found guilty of breaking this rule; the first time you will be warned. If found guilty a second time it is likely you will be demoted.

These rules apply to any and all players, including staff members. If you are found guilty of breaking any of these rules punishment will be implemented. Punishments will range from mutings to bans: possibly even an ip-ban. The severity of the punishment will depend of the offence commited. It is very easy to follow these rules, and at the same time have a fun and enjoyable gaming experience. Myself, Brad, and the rest of the Rebellion staff would appreciate it if you do your best to follow these rules.
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Rules Of Rebellion
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